How Much Power Can You Get From the Sun?

Solar energy promises to bring much more power to the world without using up precious non-renewable sources like fossil fuel. How much power can you get with solar power? How about how much power can you get from the sun? If you are looking at getting solar panels for your home, you may wonder what the answers to these questions are.

The sun has enough power to basically give every one of the 7 billion people on the planet enough power to light a light bulb that can remain lit for a lifetime. According to the Institute of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee, if the sun that hits the state could be immediately changed into electricity it would equal enough power for all the power plants on Earth 300 times over.

Fossil fuels are not renewable like the sun’s power is. This fuel once was a living being. After dying and decomposing, the substances absorbed the sun’s energy. When this fuel is dug up and then powered using a process of combustion, the heat formed can be harnessed to do the job of providing electricity, heat, and energy. This type of fuel is inefficient as a form of energy because it has to be converted to work.

The sun offers a very efficient source of energy that cannot run out. If there are no clouds in the sky, a square meter of the Earth gets one kilowatt of energy. This means that an average swimming pool could get 288 kilowatts of energy or the equivalent of over 10 times what a household uses in power every day. With traditional sources of energy, a house can get about 30 kilowatts a day. Over 10 times that makes the sun a very powerful source of energy.

Solar panels harness the sun’s power and create solar energy. These panels, solar panels long island, have the ability to store the energy for when it is needed. New technology is being created to improve the amount of energy that can be saved. In Spain, for instance, a new technology uses molten salt to run turbines so that energy can be used even in the dark of night.

As for cloudy days, solar power still operates. This is because the sun’s power still goes through the clouds. Solar power will be less but it still functions. Solar power is a clean form of energy that has zero greenhouse emissions. If you are thinking about getting solar panels, now is the time to do so.

Technology is continuing to advance. Your solar panels will be able to take as much energy as possible from the sun in the dark of night, during cloudy days and on sunny days. There is a big incentive to continuing to find ways to get the most energy possible from the sun. This is a clean, renewable and powerful form of energy. The planet has more than enough of it, and this is in stark contrast to fossil fuels.