There are a lot of economic advantages to knowing a foreign language in many different fields. In sales, if you’re the only person that speaks Spanish, Chinese, or Korean and that customer walks in the door, you’re getting the sale. If it’s outside sales, you can even focus on an untapped market of people that speak another language and have them all to yourself. In the hospitality industry, there are millions of foreign visitors that need help at restaurants, hotels, conferences, and even taxis. Of course, in healthcare, everyone eventually gets sick and having a person that can speak their language helps alleviate fears and also diagnose the problem. But, aside from the money involved, there are serious reasons why a parent would want to send their child to a bilingual kindergarten school to get educated.

Knowing Another Language Makes You A Much Better Person

There is a certain connection that happens when you know a foreign language. When you meet others that speak it, you’re immediately their friend and the one they turn to for translations and advice. In addition to that, once you know another language you gain a better insight of the culture of the people that speak it. You can understand their music, religion, and other important aspects of their lives. Believe it or not, you’ll also get a better understanding of your own language and how it’s put together with verbs, nouns, adjectives, and all the other components.

You’ll gain a better listening ear that will help you in all other aspects of your life. One of the major turn-offs that many people don’t realize they do, stops listening to people once the think they know what they’re going to say. If you learn a different language you’ll find that you listen to people much closer because the subtle nuances of other languages make it important to hear and understand each and every word in its entirety. Learning to listen and pay attention to what people are saying can be a huge advantage in life overall.

Studies Do Show An Increase In Mental Development

Dozens of research studies have shown that young children that are exposed to multiple languages while they are small have a higher IQ when they grow older. It increases their math, reasoning, and judgment abilities because of the robust number of words, grammar, and other parts of sentences. Babies are especially good at absorbing all of the different spoken sounds involved in learning a new language so it’s actually important to start children learning as soon as possible. Then, as we age, it becomes more difficult to learn and hear different sounds so many older people struggle to learn a foreign language. This is another good reason to start children in a bilingual school program as young as possible.

If you haven’t investigated bilingual schools in your area it would be an eye-opening experience to do so. You’ll find that some of the greatest minds of our history went to bilingual schools and eventually learned several languages by the time they were adults. Whether a child uses the language as an adult isn’t as important as the confidence they gain by knowing that they could speak another language if they needed to at any time.