Graphic Design

Using Meeting Illustration

Do you remember what was said during the last meeting you attended? Meetings are everyone’s least favorite part of the workday and they are usually not an efficient way to convey information. The reason is simple. There is too much talking going on, and not enough people paying attention.

Using Smartphones and computers on a daily basis has trained our brains to look for visual content and to process this type of content a lot more efficiently than anything we read or hear. You have heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. What if you could take all the words you hear during a meeting and turn them into a picture?

This is precisely what meeting illustration is about. This approach consists in using visual content to share information, draw attention to important issues and generally to keep everyone focused. All you have to do is use a few basic shapes, drawings and keywords to illustrate what you are talking about.
This technique is already used by many businesses and employees usually love it. Teachers are also getting excellent results and these illustrations are often used by public speakers. This is a simple and efficient way to engage an audience and to easily share information. You may find the best meeting illustrator online or see them on fb.

Meeting illustrations are easy to create, even if you aren’t very artistically inclined. You will get better as you get more practice. You only need to use a few shapes and symbols to convey a meaning. You can for instance use arrows to show a process, smileys to underline an issue or a positive point and use the layout of your page to draw attention to the most important issues.

You can either have someone take graphic notes during a meeting, to sum up, what was said and to provide everyone with a point of reference, for instance, if a new plan was developed or if you want everyone to work on some specific things for the next meeting. You can also prepare some notes in advance to have some visual content to show during the meeting and help everyone stay focused.

what-is-graphic-recording-mThe advantage of meeting illustration is that you can easily share the visual content. This is convenient if you want to share what was said by people who didn’t attend the meeting or if you want to make sure the information will stay fresh in everyone’s mind until the next meeting. You can draw in a notebook or scan it or even take pictures of the notes with a digital camera, or simply draw on a tablet.

Using visual content is a more efficient way to share information compared to talking or sharing a text. The format is fun to create and to look at and will keep everyone interested and focused. You should test this method during the next meeting and encourage everyone to create their own graphic notes. This could help you make meetings more efficient, save time and you will find that people tend to participate more during meetings if they stay focused by looking at visual content.